Monday, December 31, 2018

God is . . .


God is . . .  I think atheism is rather foolish, as the evidence for a creator far outweighs any against. Protestantism too is rather idiotic, as all the various versions claim to be bible based yet generally go against the Bible in their ever changing theology(s). Catholicism is the only form of Christianity that aligns with both scripture and history, although it forces people to go against their Hollywood based beliefs.
Islam is starting to make more sense, as it’s god is not one of love, but merely the creator with fairly arbitrary teachings.
Spending time with my sister who has Downs, as well as the disabled men at the house in Millersville, has made me realize that the creator is a bit of an a-hole. I have heard many explanations for why a person with various disabilities are created, and in many ways it goes against the teaching on out developing our souls during life. These lives are not developing anything, and while they may teach us how to care for others, it really shows them as being mere pawns in god’s plan . . . Who else among us are mere pawns? 
That this is the best an all knowing god could come up with is feeling more ridiculous every day.

So while I accept that there is a Creator, I no longer accept that love or reason is it’s core.

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