Thursday, October 8, 2009

Anti Pro

As a Conservative working in the art world I was more than a bit the stranger in a strangeland, but I wasn't given true alien status until I became a Christian nine years ago. The difference was that arguing on politics was fun, especially when you always win the debate (not very difficult, as conservative ideals are based more on logic and reason; where liberal ideology is predominately about trends and emotions).

As a Christian, it was no longer my ideals being spat on, but my God, my Savior, my friend, my most perfect Love. Saddened also by the knowledge that the One they were denying, or worse hating, was the very One who loved them too, and to the point of death. I no longer wished to argue, but just point as best I could to the Love they weren't seeing (sadly, it took me a while to realized that I was to be that Love to them). I can honestly say I have never felt more alone, more isolated, then in those early months living in what I felt was enemy territory (the left seems to pick and choose who they're "tolerant" of).

One of the early reminders that I wasn't alone, was when I would spot an Ichthus (Christian fish) on a car or children filled minivan. My heart would light up every time I saw one, and it became a bit of a game to try to spot them (more likely in the 'burbs, than downtown DC). I happily placed one on my car, as to be another one "crying out in the desert" that we are one family, and one body of Christ, and that to say "you're not alone" to any other Christian feeling a bit the outcast.

The happiness I would feel at spotting an Ichthys, was countered by the sadness I would/do feel when I see a Darwin emblem. When I see a "fish", that symbol of the early persecuted church, I see a bold sign of love and courage; but the Darwin sticker is only a mockery full of spite and malice, and is a sign of anything but love. Rare is it to even find someone sporting it who can actually give you a clear defense of Evolution Theory (a "theory" I, nor the Church, denies), but who will rattle on ignorantly on why God isn't God. Even more rare is it to find one who is entrusting the late Charles Darwin with their immortal soul, as us wacky Christians trust ours to Jesus.

I honestly never get mad, the desired effect of those with the walking fish stickers, but truly do get a tad glum, as I only see it as a bitter child kicking and screaming in their loving Father's arms, not yet aware of the joy of just letting go of their pride and anger, and embracing the only true and perfect Love.

I did have the pleasure once of scraping a Darwin sticker off a atheist friends car, not because she became a Christian (although I am a prayin'), but that she understood the hate it represented, and not because I argued, but because she also understood how heavy-hearted the symbol made me.