Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Answering the Atheists

Stan Guthrie has a Reader's Digest version of "why he is a Christian" over at Christianity Today, and had me a pondering that we all should write a similar list, as well as challenge our non-believing friends do the same, than swap lists and have an interesting, and loving, conversation afterward.


Athos said...

Father Barron has something important to say re: the spate of high profile atheists’ books and their arguments. BTW, the 4Ms first anniversary has come and gone, D'art. Cheers

Aramis said...

My dear D'artagnan,

Thank you for this article. I like how he states, "Not since Nietzsche have disbelievers enjoyed such a ready public reception to their godless message..." but I have a friend who does not buy that. My friend thinks that the Christian spirit is alive and well even though we hear all this stuff from proclaimed atheists. The "Christian" may seem dormant, but s/he will surely rise up when needed.