Saturday, March 30, 2019

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Un-answered prayer

I have never been good at praying for myself - never asking for a wining lottery ticket or even healing from cancer - even if I try I find the selfishness of it a hindrance to formulating the words. Praying for others is easy, and rarely even requires any thought, an almost instinctive reaction to someone struggling or suffering.

I think this is why I find God’s inability to answer my simple daily prayer, one I repeat dozens if not hundreds of times a day - “please let me die”

No, not asking for riches or a wife or a new job or car, just that the mistake of my birth to finally be corrected. I doubt there is a person who has ever met this worthless old man that truly believes I belong here or that I have ever enhanced a life (hindered or hurt, but never has a person been made better for knowing me).

“Please let me die” a simple request to an uncaring deity.