Saturday, June 26, 2010

Two Doors

The more I chat with my fellow converts, as well as those cradle Catholics who have left the Church, I have come to realize there are only Two Doors in or out of Catholicism;

The Entrance is marked with the word "Truth"
The Exit is marked "Opinion"

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Running the Race: Happy Fathers Day

“Run with endurance the race that God has set before you”

My lil' town was over run yesterday morning by DC types in spandex and testosterone, as we hosted some kind of Triathlon thingee. My first thought (after the "I gotta get in shape" thought) was that if theses folks spent half as much time in prayer as they do at the gym or the pool, we would be living in near paradise.

Than I spied one of those silly Lance Armstrong "Live Strong"
shirts, and it reminded me that it was almost Fathers Day. While giving folks with cancer hope is a good thing, my views on the adulterous narcissistic Mr. Armstrong is another thing altogether, as I see only a despicable weakness in a man who betrays his wife and children.

As for running that race, Lance is clearly the loser . . .made worse because he brought others with him.

A father who is winning the race well might have a beer gut, but he also always puts his family's needs before his own.

A marathon dad might hafta turn down a his dream job, rather than add chaos to his family's life.

A track star in fatherhood might be one like my own pop who was left alone with 4 brats to raise (me being the worse), yet never said a bad word (to us anyway) about the woman who abandoned his children.

A father is one who sacrifices for his bride and his children, even if it means sending His only begotten Son to die a horrific death on a cross.

Abba Father,
Happy Fathers Day,

your unworthy son, mike

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Why Camera Phones Rock

St John the Evangelist in Clinton,MD

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