Thursday, March 31, 2011

In Recovery

Yesterday I heard the tired ol' bromide " I'm a recovering Catholic" by a shop owner as I wandered through their shop.

"oh, I did it the other way, I'm a convert" I spoke up

"Convert from what" she asked, and I explained that for most of my adult life I was an atheist, than Evangelical, and now a very happy Catholic.

I than boldy mentioned that her statement had an touch of spite in it, as well as being in my view kind of illogical, as to me "saying you are a recovering Catholic makes as much sense as an alcoholic saying they are recovering from sobriety, or a lunatic saying they are recovering from sanity"

But than I said, one thing is for sure "we are all sin addicts, none of which who have finished the 12 steps of recovery"

Monday, March 28, 2011

Love's Cost

I generally don't like electronic media during any events in a Catholic church (I am still recovering from my time as a Protestant where big screen TVs and rockstars on stage replaced a crucifix or statue of the Mother of God. . .but were somehow not idolatrous), so I am somewhat surprised by my reaction to a slideshow which used images from The Passion of Christ during Stations of the Cross on Friday.

This image of my Lord scourged helped me to remember how much I am loved (and how I am to love), and that each lash or cut or gash could easily be named for each and every time my sin did (and sadly, still does) wield that whip.

Jesus have Mercy on us all,
and thank you!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Of God and Monks

Coming to theaters in the DC area starting March 11, just in time for lent . . .um, if ya gave up "movies", just go on a Sunday (o;

If ya can't wait 'til next week to get yer Monk fix, go rent "In Great Silence"