Thursday, March 31, 2011

In Recovery

Yesterday I heard the tired ol' bromide " I'm a recovering Catholic" by a shop owner as I wandered through their shop.

"oh, I did it the other way, I'm a convert" I spoke up

"Convert from what" she asked, and I explained that for most of my adult life I was an atheist, than Evangelical, and now a very happy Catholic.

I than boldy mentioned that her statement had an touch of spite in it, as well as being in my view kind of illogical, as to me "saying you are a recovering Catholic makes as much sense as an alcoholic saying they are recovering from sobriety, or a lunatic saying they are recovering from sanity"

But than I said, one thing is for sure "we are all sin addicts, none of which who have finished the 12 steps of recovery"

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Anonymous said...

interesting insight