Sunday, February 3, 2008

Good News or just Good Advice?

Is not the popular idea of Christianity simply this, that
Jesus Christ was a great moral teacher and that, if only we
took his advice, we might be able to establish a better social
order and avoid another war? Now, mind you, that is quite
true; but it tells you much less than the whole truth about
Christianity, and it has no practical importance at all. It is
quite true that, if we took Christ's advice, we should soon be
living in a happier world. You need not even go as far as
Christ. If we did all that... Confucius told us, we should get
on a great deal better than we do. And so what?... If
Christianity only means one more bit of good advice, then
Christianity is of no importance. There has been no lack of
good advice for the last four thousand years. A bit more makes
no difference.
C. S. Lewis - Mere Christianity

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