Sunday, November 2, 2008

What part of All didn't you understand?

As we observe All Souls Day, I was reminded how easy I pray for those asleep in Christ who I love, or who are loved by those I love, but so very often I ignore the souls of those I may not have liked all that much. I again realized that God, on most days, doesn't really like me very much (in the choices/actions I make), but that doesn't stop Him from loving me, nor does it stop Our Lady from praying for me.

I have talked to priests who daily pray for Martin Luther and other heritics, relatives who pray for their child's murderer, and even rape victims who pray for their rapist . . . and yet I forget to pray for the guy who just cut me off in traffic. I truly believe the Saints in heaven pray more over those committing evil, than need pray over blessed Aunt Tootie.

All souls means kinda exactly that . . . ALL!
. . . so um, let's "all" get ta prayin', 'cause there is a lot of souls a waitin'.

pray for me too please, hopeless sinner that I am.

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Anonymous said...

I often pray for those who don't know Christ, in the hopes that they will change like I did!