Thursday, September 17, 2009

In Christ's Peace

I remember listening to this tune when my friend John left us, and again when my mother fell asleep a few months later.

"I write clever words on paper
I sometimes think i dont belive at all
I've never felt so fake
so false
I'm such a liar
I couldnt even look him in the eyes"

Since, I have added the face of my father, a friend's mother and child, my aunt, another friend's brother, my boss's father, etc., when I hear this song. Today, I add my friend Ralph to these images in my brain that this song paints, leading me to pray for all mentioned.

"It made me feel so empty
collapsing on some dirty bathroom floor
and isn't it just like me to mourn his passing breath
when he will never suffer anymore

and i sing of faith but his was true and fierce
and I will miss him

the angels wings will cover you tonight
press your head against the breast of Christ

May the souls of the faithful departed Rest in Peace

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