Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Perpetual Change Leads to Rest . . .I hope

A good friend recently called me out, so to speak, on my blog silence, so I will give a few words now on what my blog plans are for the upcoming new year.

Last Summer, after an already difficult year, I was misdiagnosed with a less than pleasant condition, the same which took my father only a few months earlier. While they still don't know exactly what is happening to my body, they have, for the time, ruled out the original diagnosis.

Anyhow, it was the straw the broke the camels back of my faith, and along with the ridicules amount of meds I was on, I became rather "numb". Numb to life, numb to God, .... just numb.

Well we don't serve a God who wishes his children to be like that, so with His grace I decided to drop all the meds, and see if a lifestyle change might help a bit.

So, first was moving to a more peaceful environment, hence the pic above of my new house on the Chesapeake Bay. The next would be using this blessing to help others, so I am trying to fix the place up for my Christian brethren to have as a weekend respite from the chaos of city life (and the parish is only a 10 minute walk on the boardwalk away).

That is just a quick update (thanks brother Mike), and I plan to start writing daily after the First.

God bless, and I'll seeya at the beach (all are welcome).

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