Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Well, it's about time . . . and eternity

Catholic Radio comes to Washington D.C.!!!

The EWTN Global Catholic Radio Network announced
W-M-E-T 1160 AM is now on the air… serving our nation's capital — Washington DC!

Congratulations to Len Oswald, Toya Hall, Doug Pearson and all involved with Guadalupe Radio to help make this happen!

Washington DC is the number 9 ranked radio market in the country, and with a powerful 50,000 watts, the station will be available to an estimated 5 million people throughout the DC metro.

This is a great victory for Our Lord and His Church.... A big, big welcome to all our new listeners now hearing EWTN Radio on Guadalupe Radio in Washington, DC — WMET 1160 AM!

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