Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dear Anne

Recently a popular novelist threw a lil' temper tantrum, where she huffed and puffed and did everything short of holding her breathe, in an attempt to make the Church change truth to please her. Anne Rice's short lived reversion to the Catholic church actually ended before it began, as even in her earliest interviews on the topic, spoke of her desire for her opinions to become Church dogma.

Dear Anne, a Christian isn't someone who loves the Jesus of their imagination, but worships the Truth that is Jesus, regardless if that Truth is not currently trendy or comfortable. You can kick n' scream n' even write silly books where 2+2=7, but the Truth that 2+2=4 will not change no matter how much you cry about it on Facebook.

Recently I wrote "I have come to realize there are only Two Doors in or out of Catholicism;
The Entrance is marked with the word "Truth"
The Exit is marked "Opinion"

and me thinks you tried to sneak in through the latter, but in reality never came in at all
....but yer still welcome of course, just leave yer pride at the door.
God bless,

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