Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fatal Distraction

Having a spinal tap does not generally lead to a restful sleep , so I caught a lot of bad TV while flippin' channels at 4 in the morning. Catching an Anne Archer scene from Fatal Attraction, I was reminded of one of the reasons I didn't like that film when I originally saw it in the theater . . . that Michael Douglas would choose Glenn Close over her was ridiculous !!!

Archer's character was not only absolutely stunning, but also warm and loving and faithful and true . . .and Stable!

Close's character, while not being particularly pretty, was flashy and trendy and very very easy . . .but not exactly stable.

Douglas's character's complete stupidity mimics that of cradle Catholics who have the most beautiful bride (are the most beautiful bride), one which is Loving and Faithful and True; and out of spiritual stupidity or moral laziness, leave her for something Flashy and Trendy and mind numbingly Easy . . . but not exactly stable.

. . . .sadly those that fall for the easy morality of the world or the flashy and trendy mega-church down the street, are putting there soul in the pot instead of a bunny.

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