Saturday, February 12, 2011

No Sola Silly

The media was a buzzin' about the new "Confession" app available for the iphone, which is really more an "Examination of Conscience" tool. From what I've read, it was mainly designed to help poorly catechized Catholics get back into the pre-Vatican II habit of regular confession.

While the hype is somewhat annoying, though not as bad as it could be, I for one am happy for anything that helps my brothers and sisters take advantage of Christ's gift of this sacrament. So many "Catholics" I have met rarely if ever go for reconciliation, but yet still receive communion (another sin in itself). I have met daily communicants who are also on the daily "pill", and others weekly members who are shacked up . . .this is the state of our family's ignorance, and if this app can help, I say I'll pay the $2 for ya.

Regular reception of God's mercy is also the way we become merciful.

This is is also a great opportunity for us all to help educate our non-Catholic brethren, as it never fails to start a nice dialogue when I exclaim how much "I love confession!". There is too also a chance for us to remind the Bible-worshipers that the idea of "confession by i-phone" is just as silly as that wacky concept that Christ would, during a time when 90% of the world was illiterate (and would remain so for the next millenium), leave sole authority for His church to a book (something, the average Joe wouldn't be able to afford until the invention of the printing press some1500 years away).

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