Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Other Side of the Coin

Today's Gospel reading was Matthew 22:15-21, with the often quoted "Give unto Caesar what is Caesar's", which is generally brought up in discussion of taxes or state laws. What we usually forget to focus on is the "and to God what belongs to God".

Q: What does belong to God?
A: Everything you have and are belongs to Him, with the exception being your sin (that's all man made).

Every time I go out to dinner instead of opening that can of soup, I have in fact denied another their soup, as my money is God's money and should be used for His children.

If I live in a 3 bedroom status symbol, but am only one or two persons, I have denied others the roof and a bed God's money could have been used to build.

If I drive a $50, 000 (or more) metal cage to impress my friends and neighbors, I deny others transportation God's money could have purchased if I would have just bought a well made Honda or Toyota.

If I am too busy too volunteer or help out my neighbors, I have again squander the gift of time which He alone created and gave me.

If I am stuck in repeated sins, I end up using the confessional as a grace ATM, when instead of living holy and adding to the deposit of grace.

If I babble on this blog instead of praying for you few who read my ramblings, I . . .o.k., will go pray now.

Give unto to God what is God's . . . and you are God's!

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