Saturday, August 24, 2013

Bad Apples

Recently I started asking people to tell me what is the positive side to contraception, since the negatives are vast and menacing (increases in violence and rape, increases in divorce and disease, increases in abortion and pornography, and the general decrease of happiness in women).

The only positive side given is that people can decide when to have children (granted, many can't even when they decide because of some disease they have picked up from their casual using of others as sex toys); but God has always given us the ability to decide about children in the form of self control.

People know that they can't eat anything they want, or miss going to the gym, and expect to be in decent shape; but tell them to discipline their sexual desires and it's as if you are speaking a foreign language.

Contraception does help to allow us to use another person with out worrying much about them, or even ourselves, so that our sexuality becomes closely aligned with the disordered sexuality of a person with same sex attraction. The enemy had little success in making homosexuality seem normal until he helped heterosexuality become abnormal, of robbing man and woman of the gift of pro-creation (the very gift his envy hates us for, because it was something God gave humanity alone).

In the end we see that the ironic side of the intrinsic evil of contraception
is that is has absolutely bore no fruit,
but merely made us rotten to the core.

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