Sunday, February 16, 2014

Homosexuality vs Contraception

While I am a son of the Church, and accept all her teaching as I know they come from Christ, I must admit that I have more compassion for my Christian friends with same sex attraction than I do for married Christians who use contraception - and dare say I find the latter rather contemptible.

I do not know the interior life of a Christian with same sex attraction, only that it is a continuing struggle. Is it natural? Is it psychological? I only know that the Church teaches that a homosexual act is a sin, just as a heterosexual couple using contraception is a sin . . . and that both teachings are very Biblical.

The difference for me is that I can see how difficult being a Gay Christian can be. To desire a partner for life, to desire intimacy, to want a hand to hold when life is too much - this I can understand and feel empathy for.

The married Christian who uses contraception is another story, as they have the partner, the intimacy, the hand to hold - yet somehow think that marriage is merely a way for Christians to "get busy" and it not be a sin - to selfishly use God's gift of sexuality (and selfishly using their spouse). They are actually making the same-sex marriage case that marriage is about the couple, instead of the traditional view that it is the safe foundation for children. Sure, many might not be financially or medically able to have children at a certain time, and that is why the Church has no problem with the God given birth control method of NFP (Natural Family Planning). A method that has been proven again and again to be better mentally and physically for the couple - which the divorce rate among couples who use NFP to be in the single digits (as opposed to almost 50% for Christian couples using artificial birth control).

Granted, most of the reasons Christians (Protestant or Catholic) give for contraception rarely deal with financial or medical hardships, unless saving for a new Volvo or keeping in bikini shape is considered a hardship. Both the Protestant and the Catholic are equally sinning in this - and most of all - are announcing that they do NOT really trust God, nor think He should have any say in how big their family is.

Protestants might complain that it is only Catholic teaching that says contraception is mortal sin, but that is merely because when their leaders condemned birth control in the early 20th century, good Protestants did what they always do when they disagree with their church's teaching - they find another church who will agree with them (sadly, a lot of Catholics followed suit and became Protestant). A pastor without authority is basically a shepherd without his rod and staff - he cannot lead nor protect - merely talk to whoever feels like listening, and wave goodbye when they don't.

There are actually as many passages of scripture that condemn contraception as there are ones that forbid homosexual acts. The difference is that the Bible basically starts by commanding God's people to "Go forth and multiply" and never changes on that simple requirement.

No Christian has EVER given me a Biblical reason for contraception, nor has told me how it benefits God or the Kingdom (well, because it doesn't).

So, basically my heart and prayers go out to people with same sex attraction, as like me, they desire someone to love and be loved by - and also like me, they sometimes forget that they already have that in the One who came and died for all. 
The married couple who contracept I pray for too, as well as pity, for they have both God and and a partner, but mock God in their selfishness, a trendy and immature witness to the world.

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