Sunday, May 31, 2009

Notso Cutie

Oh no, that wacky Catholic church went and chastised a priest in Florida for betraying his vows, dishonoring his God, and showing lack of respect for the woman he is "dating" (heh, at least she's divorced). When will these silly old celibate men in Rome realize that honor and duty are quite passe', that chastity and sacrifice are fine for the saints but not us post moderns, and that integrity
comes after a man's "need". Did the poor trials of our dear St. Bill Clinton teach them nothing?

Our wayward priest is hoping the Episcopal church won't worry about
such silly things as honesty or forthrightness, or be weighted down with such petty things like if a guy lies about and hides a relationship he might do similar things with the next chica that catches his eye, or borrow a bit from the church funds so he can be stylin' at the club on Saturday nite.

Of course, now that he's a Protestant, if this new church wises up too, than he can just church hop until the second coming.

Back to those wacky papists who I hear even ordain married ex-Anglican priests, who share the Church's out dated sense of propriety. Yes, they'll receive a married Episcopal priest into their flock, if he converts out of a call of conscience, but not let their own religious make out on the beach with a babe or two
. . . . out dated, I tell ya,!

*On a more serious note,
I hope yer all praying for all involved,
and realize that you, and most definitely I,
have all done similarly stupid things,
and are loved nonetheless!


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