Saturday, June 27, 2009

Book Smart-a**

Having a tinge of heartburn, and as I live near a hospital, I thought I'd grab my lap top and drive to the ER.

If I get pulled over for speeding, I will of course show the officer my own version of the Drivers' Handbook, where I have crossed out, or added to, sections as the spirit lead me.

Once at the hospital I figure I can just Google "Triple bypass", and with a can opener, a prayer, and all the knowledge the web has to offer, proceed to do a little surgery on myself. Using a pocket sewing machine, I'll sew myself up and head on home for dinner.

Sitting in front of my Soul Food Cookin' book, I'll wait for my dinner to cook itself, regardless if I actually have anything in the fridge.

Sadly my glasses are broken, but if I make out most of the words I should be fine and fed.

silly huh? but isn't that sorta the same as "Sola Scriptura"?

Sorry, just finished a rather lengthy series of lectures on the Reformation(s), and boy those folks struck me as such a prideful bunch of idjets . . . think I'd a fit in just fine (o;