Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Movies, Art, and bugspray

Starting this Thursday, and continuing every week after until mid August, is my lil' hood's outdoor film series. While this type of outdoor movie series is rather easy to find in the summer months, ours is a tad different as it is sponsored in part by the American Visionary Art Museum. So not only do ya get a slightly more interesting variety of films, but the museum itself is open FREE from 7-9 (films start at 9)

So grab yer bugspray, and head ta Bawlmer, ands ketch ya sum flix and culture, Hon.
D'art's gots parkin' too (O:

* July 2, 2009 - Raiders of the Lost Ark
* July 9 - Dr. Strangelove
* July 16 - The Time Machine
* July 23 - Sleeper
* July 30 - Dr. No
* August 6 - The King and I
* August 13 - Ghostbusters

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