Saturday, March 20, 2010

How NOT to make friends, but influence people

One of my nice new neighbors invited me to a St. Patty's Day gathering at their house recently, where silly me went and broke that social rule of not discussing religion or politics. First was my babbling on matters of faith, but mainly on the history of non-Irish Saint Patrick, as reading the lives of the saints if a hobby of mine. My info, as usual, might have made me seem a bit like Cliff from Cheers (ie. harmless, but a tad annoying).

Than came the double whammy of religion AND politics. One of the guests commented on my hobbling around (left my cane at home, as I still knock things over a bit),and while explaining my current condition, I also let it slip that I had no medical insurance. She foolishly said "well I'm sure Obama will get his bill passed soon", and I of course said "God, I hope not"

For better or worse, other guests overheard this and started listening "But wouldn't you like proper health care"

"Of course, I would love everyone to have access to responsible health care . . . but I'd rather be in constant pain for the rest of my life, than have our country keeps killing it's unborn".

well, there goes the neighborhood, and I do try to remember that it is a blessing that God made me as unlovable as I am, for if I thought for a second anyone, beneath heaven, could ever love this silly fool, I might learn to cater to the world in search of that love by making my rhetoric as pleasing as a sales pitch . . .but that's my day job (O:

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