Saturday, April 17, 2010

All Pawns

Studying the history of the Protestant Reformation maybe a lil' too much lately, as well as half a pint of Haagen Dazs Rum Raisin while watching Harry Potter before bed time, lead to an interesting dream last night.

In this lactose and sugar induced fantasy I was part of a large Chess game, with one side all a dull White and made up of only Pawns surrounded a simple White King. The other side, which I was a Rook (well, I have gained a few pounds), was not black but filled with changing colors like a prism. Each Bishop was in Gold and Silver, with hints of red. The knights polished copper silver and bronze, with red Crosses on their shields, and had red and yellow ribbons attached to their lances. Us Rooks were more like Cathedrals, and were shiney white and taller than every piece except for Two. The Pawns, while in simple black and white, were polished as a mirror and reflected light in every direction.

Now the Queen and King were the most curious, as they were full of light so bright it was hard to look at them, yet impossible not to. The Queen was much smaller yet the king spoke through her when she said in a voice like a song "with love, bring them to Him", as she pointed to the white pawns.

Before our side could even begin to move forward the white team was in chaos, with all the pawns bumping into each other and some falling over, or worse, falling off the board entirely. The strange thing was that the few white pawns left standing seemed to turn into versions of our pawns once they were met by our Knights.

All the white pawns gone or transformed, our Bishops met their White King, and bowed before Him. They proceeded to break chains that were holding the King, while polishing and adorning Him in Gold,Silver, and Crimson. As they did this He slowly started to resemble our magnificent King . . .and than He was gone . . .and from the shadows outside the game, a creature with red eyes screamed in agony.

. . .than I woke up, and swore to switch to Edy's low-fat Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream from now on.

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