Friday, April 16, 2010

The Office, not the Man

Our friend Screwtape is again using his favorite tool, the media , to not only spread misinformation about the Church, but as a way to distract and prejudice our Protestant brethren.

Yesterday, an ol' Evangelical friend asked me if I had finally "seen the light" about the Church, and "how can you belong to a Church that trains (some) bad priests"

I answered "oh, I guess the same way we both follow a Savior who trained Judas as an apostle"

After 500 years, and 30,000+ splits in the church (denominations), you would think we might realize that Luther, more than Judas, was the great pawn of satan.

I do hope that the Prodigal Protestants will one day come back to the body of Christ, and that we all can live out Christ's final prayer;

"that they may be one, as We are one"

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Deborah Ann said...

Did a blog search, looking for fellow 'Lost Dogs' fans. Love the dogs! And Jesus too, of course...

Debby (Heavenly Humor)