Saturday, January 22, 2011

Moral Relativism = Protestant Dogma?

I must admit that Derek Webb was once one of my favorite song writers, as well as a truth seeker who I hoped (hope) might one day discover the authentic Christianity of our Holy Catholic Church. Lately though it seems his new religion is that of arrogance and pretense.

This "controversial" video (the controversy being he says a PG rated potty word in it, which his Christian record label objected to) has him in full self righteous/self pity expounding the moral relativistic bromides of tolerance for the homosexual lifestyle (sadly, his tolerance doesn't extend to anyone who disagrees with him, as he accuses them of "hate") and that we should be just worried about the poor and starving first, not considering that if he looked through Christ's eyes he might be able to see the emaciated souls dying of the spiritual anorexia of a lifestyle of sin.

Now, Derek is still a Protestant, and of course hasn't considered that the "sola scriptura" bible-worship in the land of a million popes means that each person is free to interpret the Bible as the spirit (or low blood sugar) leads, and in turn that Fred Phelps is as much a child of Martin Luther's pride as he is.

The odd thing is that I think Mr. Webb and I are coming from the same place. With me the thirst for Jesus (and frustration over the superficiality of big screen Evangelicalism) lead me to seek the Truth which lead me to the Church Christ gave us. Sadly Derek is still part of the never-ending Protestant reformation that is built on sinking sand, and continues to pull others, whatever their sexual orientation, down into it.

Granted, in this Disney version of Christianity, you are "once saved, always saved", so Webb is blissfully ignorant that he is actually calling for us to willfully "love our brothers and sisters" right into hell.

He, as a Protestant, has also most likely never been taught the Christian virtues of humility or obedience, as all the so called controversy over this song, was really about a guy (or musician) disobeying his boss (or record label) . . .and I can't help but wonder if he ever even pondered how many starving mouths coulda been fed with the all money that was instead used with legal fees over this little boy's need to say "s@#t"?

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