Sunday, December 21, 2008

First Class

My new favorite phrase, coined by Catholic motivational speaker and writer Matthew Kelly, is "the Classroom of Silence". His website also has the quote
"You can learn more in an hour of silence, than a year from books".

Our Verizon Fios'd mega Ipod world affords us unending chances for entertainment, but isn't all of our gluttony of noise making a society of Fat-heads? At the end of the day, have we learned anything?, grown in anyway?

Of course a much scarier question is
"why are we afraid to be alone with ourselves?"

Anyhow, time to turn this electronic brain off, and turn on my own (O:

" silence is golden when i'm not , i'm not "
Anymore -Smalltown Poets


Joyful Catholics said...

And so many are so afraid to be silent, to sit and be still. It might be because God WILL talk to them, eh? I on the other hand, crave the "holy hush." I love it. I heard somewhere that 'God can't speak to a chatterbox. (paraphrased of course) Here's another one:
He who does not know how to be silent will not know how to speak. [Ausonius]

stephanie said...

hey, verizon's fios is how i'm finally gettin' EWTN now, after suffering without it for too many Comcast years.

but talking about silence: having a baby-toddler now, my husband and i have whole days without the tv on since we know it's not good for children. like any addiction, though, sometimes it's still difficult not to have the tv on.

but God gave us something that's so much better to turn our attention to (our baby-toddler) -- through whom we can see our heavenly father at work!