Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year / New Art

As the New Year opens, and we go about the business of taking down the tinsel and vacuuming up the needles (except for you fake tree people . . .ugh!), our humble abodes tend to look a bit . . .well, um humble. To bring some of that adornment magic back, I suggest looking for original art to spruce up yer walls.

I am going to seek out artists who are Christian, and add them often to my lil' blog in the hopes of given
ya folks some alternatives to (they are actually the same company).When you do find a nice piece of art, please go to your local custom picture frame shop, instead of a Michaels or an AC Moore. While these big box stores are always offering 50% off (because they mark everything up 75% first), they generally do an average job at best, and often cost much more than a small custom framer.
If you care about where your money goes, than also make sure you don't buy any frames made by Larson/Juhl, as they are owned by Berkshire/Hathaway, which is run by one of Planned Parenthood's number one contributors; Warren Buffet (pray for his conversion).


My first artist find is fellow blogger
Nelda Jansen, who's Nel's Everyday Painting site caught my eye while searching for images of my beloved Rock Creek Park. Besides the wonderful quality of the work, her small pieces (which sell quickly it seems) are priced very modestly ($20-85.oo,plus shipping . . . almost too low). Well check out her either/both of her sites, buy some art, and e-mail me for ideas on da framing.

God bless,

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