Thursday, December 30, 2010

Screwtape on

"If Horns are not a deal breaker"
About Me: Many tell me I look younger than I am, and am often called a "handsome devil". I like to stay busy and active (the gym,dining out, blogging, etc . . .no time to worry 'bout eternity and such), and I like to keep in shape and dress well ('cause outward appearance is everything). I have a very large group of friends, and while most of them are well educated, we're always up for the latest wine bar or urban fad (education is just a means to $$$). I get along with almost everyone, except stuffy pious types (although I count many a minster, and even a couple of priests, as friend) .

My Job: Trained as a Messenger, but that was beneath me , so I went into Advertising (I dabble in theater and music as well).

Exercise: Yoga is my favorite, as I like it's focus on self and teaching that we can all become God-like

Religion: Spiritual, not religious (all religions are fun, although those dogmatic papists annoy me . . .I can find god anywhere, even the mirror)

Politics: Independent, although I find a lot to like in both parties, and our new Prez rawks!!!

Favorite Authors: Philip Pullman, Dan Brown, and anything Oprah recommends

Favorite Music: "My Way" Sinatra/Sid, "It's My Life" Bon Jovi

Favorite Places: Well, DC has the most like minded people, but Hollywood and Manhattan always make me feel at home, and college towns are great for an easy getaway.

For fun: Although not religious, I am always up for helping folks interpret the Bible (have even helped found a few thousand denominations), and am pretty good at getting CINO's to think that "Catholic" is just an ethnic identity (instead of some kind of revealed truth).
I enjoy volunteering at various media outlets as an editor.
Guilty pleasure : Big into decorating for the holidays (love Santa and the Easter Bunny).

Personal Quotes: "There are many paths to God",
"Nobody has a monopoly on the Truth",
and "Do what makes you Happy"

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