Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wasted Resources

With the 30k plus denominations out there, you can guess I spot tons upon tons o' churches each day on varying routes. Big or small, traditional or modern, with or without a Starbucks (yes there are even a few mega-churches with coffee shops . . .no crosses or pictures of Christ, but lattes to go), and all I can think of is what a friggin' waste.

No, not just that most of these folks are being fed poor doctrine and soul damaging theology, but a true waste of resources this dying world so desperately needs. Building taxes, rent, electric, water, insurance, salaries, etc . . . .per building.

How much of this money could go to the sick and impoverish if there was only One church per town instead of twenty.
How much more prayer from those now freed from anxiety over the next church split.
How much more powerful the Christian voice would be if it was a unified One.
How much bigger the Christian heartbeat if it beat as One.

This is what He prayed for before His passion,
and what we should be striving to restore if we actually wanted to do our Lords will.


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