Sunday, April 26, 2009

re-post :The Middle - Jimmy Eat World

Jimmy Eat World ,another band of Christians, who's video at first looks a wee bit exploitative, but in the end is actually a rather clever satire of the mob mentality of teenagers, college students, and/or most DC residents.

and if you don't find yerself be-bopping along, please see your local funeral director, as you may in fact be dead (O;

"It just takes some time, little girl
You're in the middle of the ride
Everything, everything will be just fine
Everything, everything will be all right,
all right!"


Athos said...

Monk, it looks like an unclothed version of the graduation party in "Say Anything" sans a keymaster. Do you think anyone other than a Christian wd "get" it? I hope so too.

D'artagnan said...

Before I knew of the band's Christian members I saw the satire in the vid, but when I found out the Truth about them, it became crystal clear.
Like U2, it may not be all of the band that are of the faith, but thankfully the one who does the writing is, and me thinks like Switchfoot, being on the secular radio is of more help to the Kingdom.