Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cash or Credit?

"The only choice that Planned Parenthood
really cares about is
Cash or Credit"

a blatantly honest and perfectly succinct comment from a friend last night. Not one of us religious right-winger types, but someone who once worked in the abortion industry.

During our talk, I was also reminded about how 25 years earlier, another High School friend
was repeatedly told she was pregnant at various "family centers"in our area, although she was a virgin. Part of a journalism assignment given at her Catholic high school (see, they weren't all run by leftist wackos in the 70s & 80s), it was my first true knowledge of how broken our world was/is .We have all heard stories of doctors/clinics performing more routine procedures (tonsils, appendix, etc.) that weren't necessary,but performed just for the money. The evil in this is of course is that there are women walking around us this very day carrying the burden of killing their child, when in fact there wasn't a pregnancy. How many have never felt worthy of motherhood or marriage, or have even taken their own life - all because some quack needed new rims for his BMW.
This is the noble art of abortion after all.

I remember when we went to the "legitimate journalists" back then, we couldn't find one reporter interested. Granted, we were a bunch of over zealous kids, but you would think someone would have at least wanted to let us tell our story.

The odd thing with the above friends is that the ex-pro-abortionist was swayed not by a religious conversion but by the fact that folks inside the clinics were usually very callous and shallow people, but the ones praying outside the clinic were generally very nice and even respectful. Actions over words - a good little reminder.

On the other hand, my Catholic ex-virgin friend (now mother of three), was last seen sporting an Abortion Prez sticker on her Volvo.
Ugh!, just more Obama change I didn't want.

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