Saturday, July 18, 2009

Second priest murdered in Cuba

"It appears that he was gagged, handcuffed, stabbed, and partially burned in a bed in the house next to the Church, in the Havana neighborhood of Regla"

read the whole Spero/Fides article here

After doing a search for this story, I found a 1/2 a paragraph posting in USA Today, but no other large circulation rag (large circulation being 4 or 5 nowadays). Thankfully most Christian sources did mention this recent event.

Naturally, after prayer for both priests, I couldn't help ponder what mainstream media would have to say if the story read "2nd Abortionist killed in . . ." or "Another Gay male found . . .", and would they still be sticking there noses up in the air at us wacky folks that know Cuba to still be the enemy of freedom , liberty, and human dignity.

Please pray for Fr. Mariano Arroyo and Rev. Eduardo de la Fuente

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