Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bleeding Heart Republican?

Interesting article in Christianity Today about us wacky Compassionate Conservatives, and more to the point, how we of the religious variety tend to lead in the area of giving. Sadly it also points out that the new Evangelical mega-mart-churches (the ones who often accuse Catholics of wasting money on big fancy cathedrals), tend to spend more money on worship bands, websites, and big screen TVs; than they do on the poor or missions.

The WWMM is quick to admit that he wanted to kick George W' s butt, the first time he heard him talk about his new Compassionate conservatism. To me it was as if he was saying I/we hadn't been compassionate before, and that worse he was actually perpetuating the "cold blooded right winger" myth. I personally switched from the left because I cared about the poor, and saw first hand how the liberal false concern for the less fortunate was just a way of making themselves look/feel better. I began to call it "good person by proxy, rather than deed", although Ayn Rand's term of" the second hander" is fitting as well.

Anyone silly enough to say in front of me the over used, and under thought, bromide that "Jesus was a Socialist", is really saying "please o' Wacky Musical Wannabe Monk, tell me how much of a complete dolt I am". Jesus said for the Rich Young Ruler to give what was in his own pocket to the poor (charity), where socialism says to take it from your neighbors pocket (theft, extortion, or tyranny). Socialism is the Levite or priest who walks by the robbed and beaten man while telling themselves the government will take care of it. Christian charity is the Samaritan who willingly stops, gets down and helps the man; completely giving of both his time and his money.

Charity is our duty as Christians, done out of love and gratitude. This can be done in "the little way" of St. Therese through dozens of small loving acts each day, or as extreme as my Christian boss buying each of his one hundred employees a one hundred dollar juicer (yes, do the math) so we could each be a lil' healthier. You might say "no" when someone at a gas station hits you up "'cause they're on E", then go and swipe your card on his pump and say "fill it up, it's on me" (knowing it's on you and God). If your a travelling man like me, you can always have food and water in your car, ready to give out to anyone who is hungry or thirsty (the very best part of my day, I must say....and after all it's not my money, it's HIS!).

I could list ideas like this all day, but all you have to really do is trust the Holy Spirit to lead you (who do you think gave me the food and water idea?).

So am I a:

A) Bleeding heart Republican ?
B) Compassionate Conservative?
C) Very blessed, child of God,

If ya gotta give me a label, I prefer "C"

"go and do likewise"

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