Saturday, February 17, 2007

. . .commit a suicide

"it's wrong to commit a suicide
It's only in self-defense"
Paul Westerberg -

Unless a grain of wheat falls to the earth and dies,
it remains just a grain of wheat;
but if it dies, it produces much fruit.
John 12:24

I love my life, not so much for the pieces that make it up, but because I cherish it now and forever as a wonderful gift from our Father in heaven. Good days, bad days, "no lunch 'cause my jeans don't fit days" . . .all gifts of a loving God, who walks every moment with me.

One of the accompanying blessings to the gift of life, is the gift of purpose, of knowing that the Creator of the universe wants us as part of His plans - that we are in fact included in God's A-team. We need never worry or be anxious about a single second of our life, because He truly is in control, and will always bring good out of bad (although we might not always see it). We can take to heart that even the stuff of our darkest days, may be the source material for another persons blessing, that God can and will bring beauty from pain,
. . .and I say AMEN!

reader: Woo WWMM, get back to the suicide opening line, ya got me worried

Oh yeah, that, well let me start by stating I am a baby Christian, and have only known our Savior (and my life as a gift) for about nine years. The old, perpetually anxious, Mike, carried around the idea of suicide as the eventual escape route, so naturally ingrained in my thought process that I never bothered to plan for a future, just going through life waiting for the "day" when I could be at peace.

As an atheist, life was kinda meaningless, just a series of events that lead to other events - some good - some bad - all basically empty. Sadly, after I became a Christian, the twisted suicide survival instinct did not just fall away - but for the first time I wanted it to!

I would love to say, after all these years, that those thoughts and ideas were gone, but by God's grace they have faded much, and seem like stolen memories of some other person. I have found that in part, that initial self dying instinct to be part of being a Christian, that of my decreasing, so that Christ may increase - of dying to self, and living for God, and His children (my brothers and sisters). In God's usual magnificence, I feel more vital and alive, the less I live for myself.

I learned to ac-cent-chu-ate the positive (Christ living in me), eliminate the negative (bad thoughts), latched on to the affirmative (God's view), and said goodbye to Mister inbetween (the Worlds view). With thanks to modern day prophet Dr.John (O:

Instead of jumping off a bridge, I took a leap of faith and was caught in the ever waiting hands of my loving Father - who will never, ever let me go. Instead of taking my life, I now daily give it up to the only One who truly knows it's purpose and meaning, and who I can trust completely.

With God's grace, I have found a way to end my "old" life, and to live a "new" life , and live it abundantly.
I thank You my love, my God!

Sing along hold my life
A Good day is any day that you're alive
Yeah, a Good day is any day that you're Alive!

Paul Westerberg - Good Day

And for the monkster, a good day is a God day

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