Friday, February 9, 2007

Paul Weller - Headstart For Happiness (live)

The Style Council version (see videos list) usually has me be-bopping all over da place, while Wellers' acoustic version also helps to highlight the beautifully positive lyrics of a near perfect pop tune!

Paul Weller Live - Headstart For Happiness

When i find you waiting hours; oh,
You're there to save my life for our obvious goal
We've got a headstart for happiness
For our part, guess we must be blessed
For this feeling to be so strong
Tell me is that so wrong?
The space betweeen us for days has been so far;
I've spent a lonely week
Now i wanna be where you are
We've got a headstart for happiness, for our part
Guess we must be kissed by this force i feel inside
Now I'm not gonna hide.

All the roads that lead to struggles
Bring you back to where you need
Some reassurance in your own depth,
Only you can see, but let others feel
Peace in my mind I'm so happy to find
As i get on my trek with a headstart back to you.

When i find you waiting hours, oh
It's my heart, not my head that takes control
And you've got to lead where your heart says go
And this hope that it turns out so
And that's all that you can hope for
Can you expect much more?

Naive and wise with no sense of time
As i set my clock with a heart beat, tick tock
Violent and mild - common sense says I'm wild
With this mixed up fury, crazy beauty
It's healthy to find all these feelings inside
As i get on my trek with a headstart back to you.

PS: to say I am bummed that I missed his recent NYC shows would be a massive understatement.

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