Monday, February 19, 2007

Fixing health , not health care

Bush: fixing health care is "urgent priority"

Someone please remind me again why I voted for this guy? oh yeah, the new bi-partisan mantra heard loudly outside voting booths "wacka dacka dess, who sucks less?". If the Pres wants to suddenly get domestic, he could put on a maid outfit and clean my house - not try to fix an unfixable system.

We don't need more money for prescription drugs, we just need less drug pushing doctors who have their own catchy mantra "if your ill, take a pill", especially as there definition of ill has gotten a little hazy.

How many of your healthy family or friends are on some form of daily medication? When was the last time you watched TV, and DIDN'T see some kind of drug ad? How many prescriptions do you have?

More scary is the amount of children now adding more chemicals to their already junk food polluted bodies. Many school systems now require teachers to have some education in pharmaceuticals, just as school nurses beginning to make more than some administrators.

Now switch to what passes as food today, especially for our kids. Most school lunches are as loaded with chemicals, as they are devoid of nutritional value. Food that leaves children so off balance that their pill happy pediatricians load'em up some more, and so continues the vicious chemical cycle.

Sadly, the President does not address any of this, but instead gives in to prevalent societal view that we can treat our bodies like garbage heaps as long as we have good enough Health Care. Worse, this type of more tax mentality causes those who take care of their bodies, to pay for those who don't.

Naturally as a Christian, I do want us to offer assistance to those who are seriously ill, or who have been involved in tragic accidents. I don't really want my bank account pilfered to pay for people who continue to smoke, continue to eat two Big Macs and fries daily at lunch, or increase the toxicity of their body with a Diet Coke addiction (an addiction I have been "mostly" freed from). Should a careful person be asked to pay for the broken leg of a drunken buffoon who staged dived at a Slipknot show?. . .and you know how I feel about the Gov taking my money to pay for contraception or worse, abortion (and when is Planned Parenthood going to start telling women of the health risks to killing their child?).

O.K., WWMM, you've whined enough, what would you have us do?

I have a really drastic way to change Health Care. Eat Better, stop taking drugs (prescription or in your food), and exercise. World changing,but in no way new. Every health book I had read (religious or secular), talk of us taking care of our bodies exactly like Old Testament Jews. This is in what we do and don't eat, as well as having a weekly day of fasting (cleansing). It is also in our moderation of things like sun exposure (which DOES have benefits) and alcohol (one glass of beer or wine a day has numerous positive aspects).

You folks with Anxiety or Depression (like me), I suggest this even more so, as I have found a profound decrease in my mood swings after giving up sugar, flour, and wheat (working on the coffee thing, but no longer use any sweetener). An incredible book, Potatoes Not Prozac, outlines this beautifully, but most "healthy foods" health books cover the positive affects of proper nutrition on mind as well as body.

The Great Physicians Rx,
Jordan Rubin, is also a worth while read, so much so that my boss has bought cases of the book, and regularly gives them to just about anyone....maybe the Pres might try this approach. Educate not Medicate!

From a Biblical perspective, the phrase "Body AND Spirit" is found numerously in both the New and Old Testaments.

As Catholics, we of course have a greater benefit, that we are invited daily to take the Lord as our nutrition in the Eucharist.

God bless,

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