Sunday, February 25, 2007

O.C. Monk'in

Yes, my successful napkin signing tour, takes me to Orange County, California this week. I'll be staying in the town of Santa Ana, with a quick stop tonight at the Academy Awards (I am up for an Oscar in the "best non-Religious monk in a supporting blog"), and than over to Laguna Beach to do some late night surfing( sadly no other invites to Laguna Beach have been received, but I'm a prayin').

I will be trying to attend daily Mass at a different parish each day, as well as hoping to find one or two with Adoration times. Any suggestions are welcome, as this was a last minute trip scheduled by my publicist, and I have been quite with all the numerous blog and Picture Framing award shows.

I will of course be sporting my O.C. Supertones apparel, still a monkster favorite even if they have since disbanded (wacky Christians, they would rather be home with their wives and family, than leading the wild r'n'r lifestyle).

Hope to meet some of my Cali readers, as well as getting a little sand between the toes.

Please pray for a safe flight, a fruitful trip, and a lack of sunburn,
May you know His love today, tomorrow, and forever!

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