Saturday, January 2, 2010

Channeling D'artagnan on Conversion and Truth

I have never completely mentioned the Why or How, of my becoming Catholic, but reading this part of an interview with fellow convert Heather King, me thinks she has done it for me.

"I can say that when I began my quest I didn’t shop around for a church where I felt “comfortable” or where the people necessarily looked or dressed like me, or where I was going to hear things that were safe or familiar or politically correct. I was seeking the truth. I was looking for a church that would tell me the truth. I was concerned about the state of my soul, which I believed to be a matter of life and death.

Catholicism was the only church that addressed that, as a matter of life and death: addressed it directly, continually, truthfully, without stinting or flinching. The cross in a Catholic church has a body on it. Right up front, right above the altar, is the message that subconsciously haunts us: someday, we’re going to die. Right up front, loud and clear, is the human condition: suffering, torment, conflict.

As I say in Redeemed, the first time I went to Mass and really “saw” that body on the crucifix, I realized Christ isn’t saying that we need to suffer more; he’s acknowledging the suffering we’re already in. And I suppose on some level in that moment I “got” as much as I ever will, or as it’s possible to “get”—which is that God loves us so much he incarnated himself as man, he came down and pitched his tent among us to teach us how to come awake, to accompany us on the journey, to show what it looks like and what happens to you when you live in total integrity.

Eventually, one way or another, they’ll kill you—which is why hardly anyone ever dares to live in total integrity".

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Athos said...

Hey Bro D'art, this would be a fine post under the 'Conversion' category (as well as Reality Check and TGB) for the 4Ms sometime.

I constantly scratch my head in befuddlement when I visit my family of origin and their grown children. They start talking about 'They believe the right things,' and 'The preacher tells it the way that I believe it.'

I wonder why they don't get tired of being their own pope at times. Best/cheers