Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Angel

Snowbound today I watched a few of the neighborhood kids wrestle with their dawg in our lil' Winter wonderland, and the image reminded me of the pic here.

This puppy was how God answered to me that oh so common question
"but Lord, how can you love me?"

The first time I puppy-sat this adorable mutt, he piddled on my bed, took a dump on just about every rug in my house, and chewed up my cherished Thin Lizzy "Live and Dangerous" album (back then not yet released on CD). Each time I was more than a tad annoyed, even a lil' tempted towards muttricide, but did I hate him for what he did? . . .Nope, I just said "ugh, that's what pups do".

"Forgiven them Father for they know not what they do" popped into my head, as I realized that a human is far closer to a dog (some more than others), than man is related to God.

Is God annoyed at our sins, our selfish "me-first" attitudes, our callous hearts? you betcha!
has He ever, in all our dirty disgusting deeds, hated us? Nope, can't do it . . .and folks, He never will

He loves you,
He loves you,
He loves you!

and if ya doubt it, just remember He even loves me, and there ain't ever been a more worthless and truly unlovable piece of dung than this silly blogger, but the Creator of the Universe does in fact love me completely, and even hung beaten and bloodied on a cross to let me know how much.

Now back to the pup, he also brought me so much joy when we played together, or ran together, or when he just let me let him pet him as I read a book, just as we bring God joy when we play with Him, run with Him, or just rest in His presence.

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