Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Recent Ponderings

While We are just leaving the Christmas season, my daily rosaries have given me thoughts closer to Easter.

Thinking about the Last Supper, I just had to ponder what the heck it means to non-Catholics if it isn't about the Eucharist or Mass? Just a nice lil' goodbye dinner with some weird symbolism about body and blood, but that we don't have to think too much about?

Also had a revelation recently about Jesus' temptations in the desert, and how the devil used scripture. Protestants usually focus on how Jesus defeated the devil by His own knowledge of it,and that we are called to do the same; but I thought it was also a foreshadowing of how the evil one would use Sola Sciptura to divide Christ's people. That Jesus had the authority to use the Truth (being that He IS the Truth), but that without that authority the devil can use scripture to confuse us (haven't we all seen examples of folks saying they had a "word from God", as if they were suddenly prophets . . .and soon have their own church next to the WaWa down the street).

Anyhow, just pondering of a guy with frozen pipes and too much time on his hands, who is very aware of the fact he ain't the first to have such thoughts (O:

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