Friday, September 14, 2007

Antonietta of Jesus

One of the lovely people I was introduced to in Italia was Antonietta Meo, who went to be with our Savior a little over 70 years ago.

In the letters of this wonderful little child of 7, are to be found words of such a great love and faith in our Lord, that it left me longing to take Communion so I could meet this child of the Truth.

"Dear God the Father I love you so much!
Really very much!...
Dear God the Father!...make Christmas come soon and I'll receive Your Son Jesus in my heart!...
Dear God the Father, yesterday evening I didn't write to You because my mum wasn't with me, but this evening I'll write a beautiful letter to You.
Dear God the Father!...tell Your Son that I love Him and also tell Him that I'm waiting for Him in my heart.
Dear God the Father. I wish You set a lot of souls of Purgatory free so that they can go to Paradise and glorify You and I also wish You converted a lot of sinners, especially the Abyssinian.
Dear God the Father, tell Jesus I will make some room for Him in my heart, so that He can sleep well and rest in my heart.
Dear God the Father I ask You to grant me the favour of helping my father.
Dear God the Father make me good. Dear God the Father!...
Many greetings and kisses by Your daughte
Dear sweet Nennolina please pray for us
that we would live and speak with such a pure heart

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