Friday, September 7, 2007

Italy Again !?!

Yep, it is a hard life I lead, but I suffer through it with all the humility you'd expect from a son of Baltimore (O:

Thanks to the advice of a wonderful friend, I will be visiting, and ascending, the Scala Santa on Sunday. I will be saying a special prayer for each step, so please send me any and all prayer requests, and I will dutifully offer up you/our petitions.

Please also pray for a safe and fruitful trip for me,
thanks and God bless,


B said...

I just watched a tv show just today were they talked of this.. would have loved to visit it

Athos said...

Godspeed, D'Artagnon, and have a blessed time. Salute!

JV said...


Please pray for me, that God would lead me to a better job, and give me patience with the one I have.

Thank you Michael...blessings,

Musical Monk said...

John your prayer was included yesterday, as was prayers for my friends above Billie and Athos. 28 steps, 28 prayers (O;

JV said...

Thank you...what an awesome experience...looking forward to more photos.