Thursday, September 13, 2007

Roald Dahl Day

Today would have been the 90th Birthday of one of my all time favorite writers of children's literature. Forgiving the dreadful films like Matilda and Burton's Willy Wonka that came after his death, just as we try to forget the terrible crimes that are the post death cinema disasters of Dr. Suess stories, I would hafta say I prefer his books to most of the self-absorbed and pretentious crapola that passed for 20th century adult fiction.

Granted, I have a Shel Silverstein tattoo, so ya coulda kinda sorta guessed I would have such opinions (O:

Check out the Puffin Books/Random House celebration here

*thanks to new mom Stephanie, for the reminder and link!


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I say, come round the 3M's and see a collective bow to your blog's new shingle. A blessed Exaltation of the Holy Cross to you and yours!