Saturday, September 15, 2007

Walkin' with God and a Devil

While my apartment is one step away from being labeled a hovel, it is also thankfully one step away from Rock Creek Park. I literally walk across the street and I am in the park.

As it is an amazingly beautiful day, I decided on a nice two hour hike as today's form of physical, as well as spiritual, exercise. Walking through the park while pondering the Joyful Mysteries, I bumped into a joyous natural mystery. The little guy above is called a Hickory Horned Devil, and I had never seen a buggie that big outside a zoo. Stopping to watch him make his way across a path, soon caused a little group of other hikers to form, all cheering the little guy on.

Oh dear God, thank you for these little,
and very precious, glimpses of heaven.


JV said...

My reaction would've been more like: "Thank you Lord, for this beautiful day and the fresh air and a walk in the park and....EEK!!!"

D'artagnan said...

Sadly, it is usually the DC people that give me cause to "eek"