Tuesday, September 4, 2007

More than a Quote

"His love for us has made Him quite defenseless
against our hurting Him,
and so temptation is no longer an urge to do a bad thing
but an urge to hurt a loving Person."

" . . .But if all you have found is advantage, whether it is fun or profit or security, then you haven't started following Him yet. His way is the way of the Cross. The world can be very hard on those it hates. If it is not hard on you, perhaps it sees nothing in you to hate. But then it doesn't see Jesus in you, for it hates Jesus with an undying hatred. While your way is still all fun, all easy, all jolly, it is only your way: when you turn from it to follow His way, it will cost. It may cost you everything you have. That is what it cost Him."
Robert MacColl Adams
I suggest a reading of the full essay "Rice Christians"

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