Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Upwardly Mobile Monk

While it is a given that most monks are indeed upwardly mobile in that their destination is heaven, yer monkster (gonna miss that moniker) is just taking the first step towards the mezzanine.

My mentors over at the Three Mass'keteers have extended an invitation (at sword point no less) , offering me joint posting with these three wise sages. I, of course, have accepted, and this blog will go into a somewhat dormant stage as I aspire to create thought provoking posts over at the new (and with God's grace, improved) Four Mass'keteers blogstop.

This is a multiple blessing, as I do truly respect these fine Christian men (and am honored and humbled to stand cyberly next to them), as well as trying to keep up my own blog with an increased work load has been a bit rough, also the new (and I pray, permanent) love interest God has blessed me with is of a tad more importance than my youtubing of caterpillars (O:

Please pray that I continue to let God type with my fingers, words that might inspire, affirm, or just(ly) entertain my fellow siblings in Christ.

1 4 all, all 4 1

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Aramis said...

Dear D'artagnan,

You wrote: "step towards the mezzanine" ... (and then, with) "new love interest" ... now, now, lets get the ground rules straight, Athos, Porthos and me, Aramis aren't about to allow any fast hands up here in the mezzanine...

And oh, BTW, I loved your Hickory Horned Devil post.

All 4 1 and 1 4 All.