Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Love is Giving

Have you ever had one of those dreams, the one where you are happily back in the arms of someone who you once loved, only to wake up alone - and even for a few minutes, unable to move because of the abrupt emptiness? Well I woke up that way today, but not from missing a person.

Above is a photo of my 30 + year music collection, that I willingly gave up one year ago today, as a sign of that sacrifice men need to demonstrate - and live out - for their bride.

"Husbands love your wife as Christ loved the church.
Give yourself up for your wife"

To most folks it may seem a tad silly for this to be considered a sacrifice, but to me, these lil ' bits of vinyl were welcoming friends after a long day. Yes, there were many times that I found that much needed focused distraction of making a mix for a friend or customer - that three or four hours of concentrated effort that would result in 80 minutes of a perfectly ordered mini-soundtrack for the day, and that little reminder that I was at least good at this.

While I regret at times the sacrifice to one unable - as yet - to love in this way, with the pain of this taking the joy of music from me (I rarely listen to music anymore), I am reminded again that loving isn't "to give to get" , but is found in the joy of knowing that Christ is making you a person able to give - to give away that which you might think is most important, and reveals in that what is truly most important - LOVE! and love is sacrifice.

I admit I still terribly miss gazing at my music collection , even as I try to find rest in the knowledge that Christ is still finishing that work in me of wanting nothing - loving nothing- more than the One who I will (hopefully) spend all eternity with. He is all I need - all you need!

maybe I am growing up after all, and my lil' dream was a reminder to let go of what is passing - or already passed.

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G said...

Wow! That's a lot of music. But I must say.... the picture makes a stunning work of modern art all by itself.... all those colored lines and blocks are quite striking and beautiful.
BTW.... read your blog all the time and really enjoy it.
God Bless!