Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Church Teaches

"The Church teaches" - oh, how often a certain redhead once could disarm, and deflate, my Evangelical pomp with those words. The very humility of someone as intelligent and educated laying down their own pride in the name of Christ's church, by this simple statement, was a big part of my becoming Catholic - and I had so tired of being my own pope (and doing it badly)

(o.k., the fact that this amazing woman also proclaimed that she couldn't marry a non-Catholic also had a lil' to do with my conversion, but only the "when", not the "why")

A Catholic is of course allowed to use the the standard Protestant response of "The Bible says" or "well, I think", but we also are so blessed to have that authoritative body of the Church to lead us in truth, as well as humility.

What is more humble than laying down our own views, and saying "Jesus, I trust you , even though I gots some problems with this or that, I trust You and the Church You died to give us" , with the pure peace that comes from knowing that I don't have to know - or understand - everything, just trust in the One who does, and thus trust who He gave the keys to.

This very humility is something I saw lacking in my old church. Sure their was dancing and singin' in the aisles, as well as lots of good and decent Christian teaching, and some very loving people - but that true act of faith that comes from trusting in your church or pastor was never there, unless it was a type of silly pride like rootin' for the home team.

Churches splinter, and splinter some more, and most folks don't even know what their own church teaches (yeah, sadly most cradle catholics are a lil' dull on that point too). The silly notion that God would desire these separations and ignorances, should be enough to have anyone calling themself a Christian seeking the truth of the One church - which me thinks they can only find in the one Christ started.

As for all those folks I have met that have sought that path and swam the Tiber , I must say how much their conversions prove their love of Christ, as every single one I have ever met or spoken with is of an intellect far above my own (which itself ain't too shabby). These are not simple minded people tricked into submission, but humble minds drawn into obedience.

As for me, I keep my catechism right next to my Bible, and love to tell others "well, the Church teaches . . ."

thanks Red!, and thank you Jesus!


Athos said...

Exactamento, Brother D'Art. And as Steve Ray says on his conversion CD, other christianities downstream of Mother Church are like kids who pitch a tent in the backyard. They look like they're having so much more fun than the stodgy old parents in the big house ... but everything they have - the tent, the food, everything - came from the big house. (At least everything that is true, good, and beautiful - heresies excluded.)

My family of origin is completely dense to these ideas, and a visit home leaves me feeling imbecilic in terms of trying to help them - my father included - see that one's sincerity has nothing to do with orthodox truth. To see how they reject the greatest and sole source of all I love most dearly - and with a self-satisfied air of being right (How do they know THAT?) is nearly intolerable ... except for the fact that I love them and hope MUST spring eternal.

Forgive my blathering on. Again, excellent post. Right arm, man, out of state. Cheers

D'artagnan said...

My boss once pronounced to me that it was God's plan for churches to keep splintering, and yes, when someone says something as completely insane as this, it is often the hearer that walks away dumbfounded (but still employed)

Athos said...

This isn't very edifying, but Terry Clavin pretty much nails where ignoring the Catholic Church's teaching office leads to in The poor, sweet, suffering, condom-having, Mary-ignoring, earnest Protestant b*st*rds.