Friday, August 14, 2009

Who Chooses Who?

. .
Although it has never manifested itself in any such way as to make ol D'art rich and/or the toast of the academic world, I must confess that tests have shown that this here Mass'keteer has an IQ approaching 180.

I have never taken great stock in this, and have even cursed God for what I saw as a curse on me, as being smarter than yer buds or parents, doesn't exactly help one fit in.

I only mention it in that if we take the world's view of what is substandard and worthy of being eliminated because of the lack
of intelligence; applying it than to folks like me as to what the intellectual standard is based on - than naturally even our Abortion Pres, with his piddly 120 IQ is not really worthy of sharing our air.

Thankfully, I don't belong to the Eugenic church of Planned Parenthood, but instead belong to the Church founded on love - which holds that every person - born or unborn - is worthy of that love - and has a God given dignity that is no ones choice!
(not even a smarty pants like me)

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