Sunday, August 16, 2009

Academia and Lil'Hitlers

After finishing a lecture on the "Catholic Church in time of the Dictators" (no not our Abortion Pres, but Stalin, Mussolini, and Hitler) I googled for more info on Pope Pius XII and was saddened to find this extremely slanted, and academically juvenile web site hosted by Claremont McKenna College.

Why didn't the churches of Europe oppose the Holocaust?

Although there are very few actual sources sited, they all come from anti-Church or anti-Catholic authors. You won't find any links to the thousands of Vatican documents from WWII, many of which a 3rd grader could find online.

Sadly, it is this very closed minded and bias approach to history that aided the dictators in the first place.

I have already written the Professor responsible, and will write the school tomorrow.

8/17 response from Prof Petropoulos

"Many thanks for your note. When it came time to discuss the students' websites (about eight years ago), I encouraged them to pursue a more balanced interpretation. I can't quite believe that these websites are still on-line (it was a program run by Claremont Graduate University). I gave the students complete freedom as they prepared (and the presented) their websites. I think many would be astonished that their work is still eliciting reactions.
With best regards,
Jonathan Petropoulos"

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